July 8th Update

It’s with a heavy heart that I have unfortunate news to deliver regarding David Johnson. David passed away Sunday July 7th at Parkland hospital. I heard from his son Robert again yesterday, and planning is currently underway for services to honor his memory. I will post additional information on this page as soon as I know more.

Update on David

It’s been a while since any new updates on this page, but I’m a close friend and long time customer of David’s. David is currently in the hospital at Parkland. 5N, room 515. I heard from his son Robert yesterday, and unfortunately, his prognosis is not good. He is being taken off of most medications with the exception of pain medications to keep him comfortable. Please keep David, and his family in your thoughts, and prayers. I will add any additional information I can to this page as I receive it.

soory it has taken so long to write. you know me and paperwork. dr report from last round of chemo says that chemo is not working. will start next round of different regimen this next thursday. dr says that if third round does not work no more can be done. getting more opinions now from other places. in general i am feeling tired amd begining to have pain in side more than before. was just a little but now on pain killers constantly. lost about 35 lbs so far. am writing this about 6:30 sunday mornig. have been awake since 4 due to the pain

saturday about 12 guys from church came to the shop, we cleared everything out of the house. 2 trips with a 24 foot truck. filled up 2 10×20 storage stalls. all thats left is tool box.

looks like my family and i will be going to tennessee around the first of june for a family reunion. plan to be gone a couple of weeks. first vacation in years

well about time to get ready for church, will try to do better writing in. miss everybody

i have almost always enjoyed fixed corvettes a lot more than doing the paperwork involved. i tend to put it off as long as possible. writing about my health and cancer rates a lot lower on my list of things to do. but i know that you want to hear what is going on. the last cat scan shows that the cancer is still growing. last thursday i started a new regimen of 4 medicenes. 3 ar done at the hospital on thurs, the 4th 1 is done from thursday thru saturday on a pump that i wear for 46 hours. we will recheck prgress in 2 months. a little weaker sometimes and take more naps. am still fighting. would like to hear from any of you

hard to believe that the 15th is here, my move out date has been extended a little, pretty much have the shop empty. first time since 1973 that i have not had a job to be at. takes a little getting used to. was checking my retirement account the other day but could not remember which pair of pants my retirement fund was in.am off this week from chemo, will start again this thursday. supposed to have a chest cat scan on the 27th, last cat scan showed tumor still growing but other markers said it was better. don’t know how you can have it both ways. may change treatment after the 27th. will try to write more often now that shop is closed.

have had a total of 8 chemo treatments so far. no side effects. have not even lost my hair. had cat scan done on the 15th of jan to check the progress of the chemo. will not know the results until close to the 30th.  still weak and some pain in my right side but bearable. short of breath a lot. would not recommend this as an alternative weight loss program. not the way to go. have lost about 30 lbs so far, but the dr. says to eat double meat portions. yeah.

have rented the shop bldg. will have to be out by feb 15th. lots of stuff gone, lots of stuff left. time for medicene so i’ll talk to you later